More on calendar servers

And, as today I decided it's calendar day, some more hints on them:

Here, and here I've found An interesting presentation on current groupware and calendaring systems - a presentation from openexpo.ch 2008 from some guy from puzzle.ch

Some calendars mentioned there:

XenServer, Davical, and stuff...

I'm doing a late start in terms of work today - after a long weekend with no work for employer stuff, I couldn't get into it too early...

I guess I'll start with taking my XenServer course, so I'll be able to pass a certification for this in the next 2 weeks.

Getting started with liferay portal and mysql

I searched a little while when looking for how to get started with liferay and store my data in a mysql DB.
There are some hints in this documentation(I'm using a tomcat bundle, version 5.1RC).
But it's actually simpler. I didn't even need to explicitly install the mysql driver by hand.
Just change


Playin' around with Mozilla Sunbird/Lightning

The day before, I thought I found a nice solution in my search for a nice PIM application: Mozilla Lightning, the PIM plugin for Thunderbird.

Had to install the latest version of thunderbird, as the Debian version didn't accept the lightning plugin, and at a first glance, it looked fine.

But there were some problems:
  • No anti-aliased fonts in Mail view. Switched to non-serif fonts to get a somewhat better sight. Not perfect, but acceptable, if the app would do what I want.
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