Liferay at JAX

Nice - Liferay makes it to be a keynote at the JAX conference...
Sadly, I will not be able to attend - too far, not enough time, and these conferences are interesting, but also not really cheap to get in.
My time is currently better invested in some real programming experience with (liferay) portlets - I'll hopefully get there in a while - as soon as the grails prototype for my timetracker and taskmanager apps are working in a 0.1 fashion :)

Liferay European Symposium - a great meeting!

I've been participating in the Europen Symposium for the Liferay Portal Server software.
A very nicely developped, feature-rich Java Portlet container.

And, without any doubt, Liferay is not only - at my very first glances, after writing only one very simple hello world portlet - a fine working portal solution, it also has proven, that it has a great community of users and developers.

Getting started with liferay portal and mysql

I searched a little while when looking for how to get started with liferay and store my data in a mysql DB.
There are some hints in this documentation(I'm using a tomcat bundle, version 5.1RC).
But it's actually simpler. I didn't even need to explicitly install the mysql driver by hand.
Just change

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