Kaufen bei Dell... mal wieder eine Katastrophe


Der Dell Online Shop ist ja ziemlich cool und man kann die Teile gut konfigurieren (mir fehlt eindeutig die Option, auch das überflüssige Vista rauszukonfigurieren, und damit nochmal 20-80 Euro zu sparen, aber naja).

NUR: Sobald bei Dell etwas nicht ins normale Mster passt, oder wenn man was stornieren will, dann wird's immer wieder nervig.

Gerade mal wieder erlebt:

Facebook app development made braindead

Wow - I played around with for only two hours now, and already had half of the time fixing a problem occuring due to a stupid development system.

I finally found the solution here(http://blog.jeromeparadis.com/archive/2007/09/10/Facebook-Developer-how-...)

Ubuntu quality: security upgrade breaks mysql-server!!!

Wow, Ubuntu!
I just started to believe the quality is not that bad, no this:

I did a security update yesterday (admittedly way too late, as always), and now, my mysql system, which I "only" use for such things as todo management and timetracking on the local machine, refuses to start!

henning@xnote:~$ sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart
* Stopping MySQL database server mysqld /usr/sbin/mysqld: Can't read dir of '/etc/mysql/conf.d/' (Errcode: 20)

Hyperlink URL's - advanced feature?

Hmm, I really wonder if an issue I have since a while with blogspot is really so advanced?!

I'd like to have a URL which I type in my blogposts automatically be rendered as a hyperlink so readers can click on it!

Currently I have to paste an URL from my browser bar or write it manually, select the text, copy the URL again to be sure, click on the add link button, paste the URL into the dialog box, and click save. In my opinion that's 5 steps too much!
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