Netbeans for grails... haha

As I'm a bit annoyed of the complications that arise when using Eclipse for grails, I installed netbeans today.

But it fails to even let me set the grails home path in it's preferences.
Admittedly, at install time of the plugin, I had set a wrong environment variable to grails, from some time when I was only testing grails and did not yet install it as a deb package.
So after install, I had some path in there, where no grails install was found.

Wer kennt wen - scheduled downtime zur besten Zeit?!

Hmm, gerade freue ich mich darüber, bei Wer kennt wen soviele meiner Freunde und Bekannten aus dem Saarland zu treffen - und schwupps, ist die Seite offline - auch gestern war sie etwa gegen 19 Uhr abends schonmal einfach weg - heute ist es wohl eine "scheduled downtime" - " Wie angekündigt arbeiten wir gerade für Euch und sind in den Morgenstunden wieder für Euch da. Solange etwas Unterhaltung." - und es folgt ein immer neuer chuck norris Spruch - wart das nicht schon vor 3 Jahren out?

Nokia N95 - always good for a joke

why does the phone to refuse doing an update of the phone software when there's no sim card in?
What if I have to be reachable and need to use the sim in another phone?

Apart from being totally broken, and not usable anymore, after only 9 months (my usual turnaround time for mobile phones gets near to the two years, if not even longer) - now I can't even delete my private data with a phone software update(I didn't find another way, there's no "delete all user's data" button) without inserting a SIM.


Gaaa - HTML 4.01 strict hassles...

So, I made my new site and made a html validity check.

Some minor errors, easily resolved, but then: I'm also not a too great friend of opening links in new windows.
But sometimes, I believe, it can be confusing users, especially less experienced ones, if the click on a link and are thrown out of the page they were just surfing on.
So, it might sometimes be quite reasonable, to open a link in a new window.

With oldstyle HTML, this was easily possible, using the "target" attribute.
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