Accessing Zimbra Calendar from Thunderbird Lightning/Sunbird

Yeah! After hours of searchiung an trials, for multiple times in the last half year, I found, that I need to use a calendar URL like this:


To get a connection from my thunderbird to the company calendar on Zimbra!


funny CLI website theme

Great fun. Via some news link about Lucas' critical post about another new Ubuntu "derivate" (or better: a new product name for an Ubuntu customized for the EEE PC), I got to see a funny/interesting website theme here.
A CLI interfacr to browse a web site.
I still like to view websites by clicking at links etc., but in addition to the CLI, also some of the other themes available for that site are really interesting.

My first computer

By accident I stumbled upon a picture of my first computer on wikipedia.

An Apple IIe, decommisionned from my fathers engineering office.

Hamburg at night

When finishing my work yesterday, I took tis nice picture of the old town, seen from Kehrwieder - just wanna share it with you :)
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