Finally a _real_ use case for Xen and Virtualization

Xen, Vmware, KVM, OpenQRM, SolidICE, XenEnterprise, VirtualIron for things like live migration, HA, software testing, resource management and cosolidation???


We want a virus aquarium!

Technorati claim

I just created a technorati account - to make it believe this blog is mine, here's the claim link:

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dear lazyweb... two GNOME/Nautilus problems

There are exactly 2 annoying problems, in which I run from time to time, again and again, but I never found a solution, and I didn't make the step to subscribe to some gnome users list to get them solved:

Not always, but quite often when I plug in a usb stick, then navigate through it with Gnome's Nautilus File manager, I cannot unmount it anymore.
When clicking right on it, and selecting unmount in the context menu, I get a message saying "unmount failed - device is busy".

Fedora Core 8 VirtManager test

Another tool of which I tested a new version again: FC8 and VirtManager.

In general, VirtManager has gotten quite a bit better than the last version I tested (on FC6), but it still hase some annoyances to offer.

As nowadays(other than the last test), together with these annoyances come some very interesting features, especially managing qemu(+kqemu) and kvm (via qemu interface) instances in one single gui - now, my overall impression is, that it is a very interesting tool that can be recommended to fedora and GUI-Lovers, I think.
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