Ganeti - a Xen management tool that doesn't suck

Finally I found another tools for managing some aspects of a Xen infrastructrue that does not suck: Ganeti

It is small in code size, easily installed and does the things it promises quite easily.
When testing it, I found some bugs, most of which are more or less cosmetic - so, it feels a little bit more like a 0.5 version but a 1.2beta, but a quite good 0.5.
I saw quite some >1 version and >0.5 version tools for Xen which did suck quite a lot - no need to mention them again explicitly.

OpenQRM vs. vendor lock in???

So, I thought I'd forget about the (not very successful)results I've got when investing some days into testing and evaluating - trying to build and install and get started with OpenQRM.

But then, I read this and that.

Really, guys, as for Vendor lock in, I think OpenQRM sits in the glass house:

OpenQRM headaches

I spent another 4 hours testing (or better: trying to get running!) OpenQRM. I already worked on getting it built, installed, and getting a Xen host and guest domains running and controlled with it for some more 24 hours over two days a while ago, without real success yet.

Sunday Sunday

I really made it - not touching a computer for 24 hours! I must admit, even if I always fear these situations, because of all the stuff I miss to get done in that time, it's a good thing to do. Feeling much more relaxed, and more concentrated to work on my projects.

Today, I managed to get some measures against the spam in our Xen wiki done, and I finally made some first electronic design documents for the FAI GUI I started to work on.
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