Even AMD can live migrate from Intel now with KVM...

Hmm, I always thought the big guys with the large labs and teams would already know that - but only today reports it as a big breakthrough: Migrating live from intel to AMD CPU's.

Red Hat acquires Qumranet - the KVM developers

Bad News for Xen: Qumranet, Developers of the KVM Kernel Virtual Machine, are being bought by RedHat.

Even though Redhat claims to support the Xen version in RHEL5 until 2014 - it seems obvious that with such a step, they won't be putting too much energy in Xen-based solutions, and have much more trust in the KVM technology.


In a Xen blog entry some days ago I just read about the Open-OVF Format initiative.

Would be cool to also include Virtualbox (or, if Sun would also implement support for such a format in virtualbox), as here it's still a major pain to package and distribute VM's for others - and there, on the desktop market, it is even much more important to make sharing easier than on the server.

PXE boot with KVM

While trying to boot KVM virtual machines via PXE, for testing of FAI on the developer workshop, I had some time to search for a solution to get this working.

It turned out, that the package maintainers remove the PXE boot images intentionally (to get rid of blobs):
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