Drupal install from scratch on a managed hosting server

Installing on a managed hosting system means without ssh access, only ftp.
I have a Hosteurope Webpack L.

I read the INSTALL.txt file, but I have to do some extra/different things without shell access:

  • Upload the drupal files to my FTP server, plus the file sites/default/settings.php that contains my Database settings. (the DB already exists on my hosting setup).
  • Set the file permissions. (in KIS Administration > Webhosting > 1091032 > Allgemeines > Dateiverwaltung ...)

SilverStripe evaluation

After checking the drupal CMS and web Community system, I'm now checkin' out the SilverStripe CMS.

I'll need at least
  • an easy to setup and to maintain CMS
  • Blogging support
  • Translation support for pages and blog posts
  • Easy building of custom designs (not really checked for drupal yet)
  • a contact form
  • extensibility with custom code and functions as needed
Good to have:

further checking out drupal...

I'm further checking out drupal to manage my little website on a small managed hosting server.
(Usually, I'm a java developer when it comes to programming, but I want a small and hassle-free web cms here on low cost hosting)

Apart from managing "normal" web content, Drupal seems, as expected, to have some interesting things for my website are delivered as core modules:
  • a poll system
  • a blog system

My second groovy script

While I'm still hacking around on the first one (besides some other small projects I started with Grails), which is about getting rid of doublettes in my ical calendars I have, I wrote a little script to generate my (haha, currently only single paged) webpage from a contents file and a general template - more or less just for fun, on the other hand, even with a single page it's nice to have the contents, the css and the general page frame differed.

My script looks like this:

import groovy.text.SimpleTemplateEngine
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