interesting wiki: mindtouch

Seems an interesting enterprise wiki thing:

I like that those guys actually have packages for many Linux distros.
Technology seems to be C#/PHP - interesting mix :)

Did not test yet, I'm into xWiki at the moment.

securing moinmoin against spammers

Wiki's are, sadly, a massive thread to spam these days. Some wiki's include captcha checkers these days, some make Email checks and stuff.

Another idea is having something like social control - let only people write who ask or know somebody who is able to write into the wiki.

Wikipedia Fundraiser, anyone?

Admitted, it took me some time until I decided to give something to the Wikipedia annual Fundraiser. One of the reasons was the usual lazyness, the other was that I waited some days because I remembered that last year, a bunch of big companies had made offers on some days like "we will double all donations made on day X" or in some longer timeframe.

As this didn't seem to happen anymore, I finally spend some Euro's.
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