Typing breaks - good for the back, and RSI

Typing breaks are no only good for RSI-prevention, but also, I feel much better in my back, actually didn't have any problems with it, since I do regular screen/typing breaks.

I have set the "Typing break" in the Gnome Keyboard preferences to pause for 4 minutes every 90 minutes. I just stand up from my chair, walk around a little, and go on working.
Sometimes I suspend the breaks multiple times because I want to keep going, but alltogether, I'm doing my breaks.

Other interesting programs that help with these breaks:

XenServer, Davical, and stuff...

I'm doing a late start in terms of work today - after a long weekend with no work for employer stuff, I couldn't get into it too early...

I guess I'll start with taking my XenServer course, so I'll be able to pass a certification for this in the next 2 weeks.
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