Red Hat acquires Qumranet - the KVM developers

Bad News for Xen: Qumranet, Developers of the KVM Kernel Virtual Machine, are being bought by RedHat.

Even though Redhat claims to support the Xen version in RHEL5 until 2014 - it seems obvious that with such a step, they won't be putting too much energy in Xen-based solutions, and have much more trust in the KVM technology.


In a Xen blog entry some days ago I just read about the Open-OVF Format initiative.

Would be cool to also include Virtualbox (or, if Sun would also implement support for such a format in virtualbox), as here it's still a major pain to package and distribute VM's for others - and there, on the desktop market, it is even much more important to make sharing easier than on the server.

0wning Xen - interesting Xen Security publication

Joana Rutkowska and colleagues gave three interesting talks at this year's Black Hat conference about security of the Xen Hypervisor.

I also wrote a bit more about it in the Xen.org blog.

I'm a xen.org blogger now :)

I've just received my account for the Xen.org blog, and did my first posting, announcing Ganeti.

I know, in some posts on this personal blog here, I've been bashing Xen quite a bit, and I'll never stop criticizing stuff I don't like, anywhere.
But I'm still running Xen on quite some machines, and I still like the way some things work with this virtualization technology, so I will have some interesting remarks to do about it.
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