exiting the xen xm console...

I searched a while for this.

In some scenarios, it happens that CTRL-] doesn't work - what do you do then???

Searching the web didn't reall help, and finally, I did what Harald König suggests here: "Oh sod it, roll your head on the keyboard while you hold down ctrl."

And guess, what I found?

CTRL-5 works, too. At least with my german keyboard and a machine with whatver locale settings, connected via ssh and screen...

XenServer, Davical, and stuff...

I'm doing a late start in terms of work today - after a long weekend with no work for employer stuff, I couldn't get into it too early...

I guess I'll start with taking my XenServer course, so I'll be able to pass a certification for this in the next 2 weeks.

Bureaucracy and code quality

The Xen developers have a quite bureaucratic approach about getting patches in - say, they simply refuse to even read a mail that doesn't have PATCH in the subject line, and they asbolutely refuse to consider making a change you only _describe_ to them - but that doesn't mean only high quality code gets in.

I had the funny experience, that a bugfix hint from me about a bug in the xendomains script, which only required one line to be changed, and me therefore not bothering about creating a patch with diff, simply didn't make it in.

FOSDEM talk about virtualization in Debian

So, my proposal for a talk about virtualization in Debian has been accepted, and I will be giving an update about the state of the different technologies (at least, the most important, coolest, and newest ones) in Debian - this will happen in the Debian DevRoom.
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