Recover an encrypted-lvm-root system from broken boot partition

I just fiddled this out after I accidentally deleted the content of my /boot partition on a UBuntu Jaunty system that I installed with an encrypted LVM root and home volumes. Although the problem occured just with a play and testing system which I had a full backup off, and could have easily recovered or reinstalled, I was curious about how to solve this problem - just in case it will happen to me some day when I can not just throw away the inaccessible system (whichg now, that I know how to solve it, will never happen ;) ).

It turned out to be a bit tricky.

OpenWRT with x-wrt install

Another OpenWRT installation - with WEB GUI this time. OpenWRT has become quite nice and useable. Still it's docs are not always up to date and sometimes cumbersome to get around. Here's my install documentaion(it would probably be too much to name it a tutorial :) ) from the simple basic install I just did, including a web gui with ssl and Wifi config with WPA2 protection.

OpenWRT installation

Basic stuff

Procedure for completely overwriting the existing system:

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