Grails with intelliJ IDEA on Ubuntu

So, I struggled for a while to get idea to create a grails project - when tryin to create my first project, I've been told I have no grails sdk configured yet, but could add a new one. But the "ok" button on the file selector for the grails SDK location kept being gray and could not be pressed when I was on /usr/share/grails - the location where the debian package of grails places the whole software into.

a first look at IDEA

so, I have been convinced to check out a piece non-free software because it's said being soooo great.

I download IDEA for Linux, unpack it, see a bin directory, and try to run the start shell script:

henning@xnote:/data/produktion/tmp/software-to-evaluate/idea-9164$ ./bin/ 
ERROR: cannot start IntelliJ IDEA.
No JDK found to run IDEA.
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