Heinlein SLAC...

Die Konferenz ist vorbei, und war sehr nett - auch wenn ich wohl den Preis für das schlechteste Bowling Spiel am Social Event ernten werde. Was nicht heißt, dass ich keinen Muskelkater (aber nur einen moderaten) hatte.

Das Beschenken der Zuhörer mit Muffins und anderen Weihnachts-Naschereien kommt auf jeden Fall gut an :)

Ansonsten ist eine Resie nach Magdeburg zwar nicht so schlimm, wie ich es mir vorher vorgestellt habe, muss aber auch nicht immer sein.

Liferay at JAX

Nice - Liferay makes it to be a keynote at the JAX conference...
Sadly, I will not be able to attend - too far, not enough time, and these conferences are interesting, but also not really cheap to get in.
My time is currently better invested in some real programming experience with (liferay) portlets - I'll hopefully get there in a while - as soon as the grails prototype for my timetracker and taskmanager apps are working in a 0.1 fashion :)


So, even though I thought it will not really work well, I survived my Ubucon talk today :)

RMLL is great - and France even so!

A first short report from the great RMLL conference in Mont-de-Marsan in France - just before leaving to go home...

I'm sorely missing the community feeling in the german Linuxtag events since it went away from Karlsruhe, and is obviously lacking support from local LUG's - they seem to try pushing it into a more business-oriented conference, but somehow I have the feeling, that currently it is neither a reall good conference for businesses, nor is a very community centric event any more.
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