Facebook app development made braindead

Wow - I played around with for only two hours now, and already had half of the time fixing a problem occuring due to a stupid development system.

I finally found the solution here(

Coding Horror: Coding without comments


When reading what this guy recommends I could run away - and the earth isn't large enough to get me far enough...

Her recommends coding without any comments, and proposes, in a real strange example - what?
Yeah: Instead of writing a comment above some complex calculation, put the calculation (even though only used ONCE!!!) into a function, and give the function a speaking name - which then acts as a comment!

Bureaucracy and code quality

The Xen developers have a quite bureaucratic approach about getting patches in - say, they simply refuse to even read a mail that doesn't have PATCH in the subject line, and they asbolutely refuse to consider making a change you only _describe_ to them - but that doesn't mean only high quality code gets in.

I had the funny experience, that a bugfix hint from me about a bug in the xendomains script, which only required one line to be changed, and me therefore not bothering about creating a patch with diff, simply didn't make it in.
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