Drupal Zen Subtheme script

There's a nice script for automatically doing all necessary steps to get a subtheme of the drupal zen theme: http://drupal.org/node/336368

It has two small problems:

If you're a drupal newbie(and forgot a lot about the things you knew in php), you give a name with minusses (e.g. "zen-sub-theme-test"), you get something like

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '-', expecting '(' in /var/www/cms/sites/all/themes/zen-sub-test/template.php on line 85

Drupal simple own design/theme

After playing a while with adapting the Acquia Marina theme to something I like quite good,
I want to learn to make my own theme from scratch with Drupal...

I'm checking out: http://drupal.org/node/313510 gives a nice and very easy introduction to build your own theme very fast.

The main change I added: I want my slogan and site title, adding some simple lines.

The code so far: http://github.com/henning/henningbonbon

Further Drupal setup things

Some further things on setting up a drupal site:

First of all, install the journal plugin to track changes.

Here, I realize I am missing the module and theme upload modules that I had in my test site from the hosteurope APS install - they seem only to be contained in the Hosteurope stuff, and obviously made by a plesk developer, who did not write a licence (or any other single line of comment!!!) in his code.

Drupal install from scratch on a managed hosting server

Installing on a managed hosting system means without ssh access, only ftp.
I have a Hosteurope Webpack L.

I read the INSTALL.txt file, but I have to do some extra/different things without shell access:

  • Upload the drupal files to my FTP server, plus the file sites/default/settings.php that contains my Database settings. (the DB already exists on my hosting setup).
  • Set the file permissions. (in KIS Administration > Webhosting > 1091032 > Allgemeines > Dateiverwaltung ...)
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