Getting into Grails

I started to port my little Todo-Manager application that helped get my things sorted from rails to grails.

As I realized I don't like ruby as much as Java, and Groovy/Grails brings me very similar functionality, I want to base all my small management apps on Grails - when a useable toto manager is done, a timetracker, contacs management and calendar will defintely follow, and hopefully be integrated into a liferay portal at some point in time.

My second groovy script

While I'm still hacking around on the first one (besides some other small projects I started with Grails), which is about getting rid of doublettes in my ical calendars I have, I wrote a little script to generate my (haha, currently only single paged) webpage from a contents file and a general template - more or less just for fun, on the other hand, even with a single page it's nice to have the contents, the css and the general page frame differed.

My script looks like this:

import groovy.text.SimpleTemplateEngine
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