Hyperlink URL's - advanced feature?

Hmm, I really wonder if an issue I have since a while with blogspot is really so advanced?!

I'd like to have a URL which I type in my blogposts automatically be rendered as a hyperlink so readers can click on it!

Currently I have to paste an URL from my browser bar or write it manually, select the text, copy the URL again to be sure, click on the add link button, paste the URL into the dialog box, and click save. In my opinion that's 5 steps too much!

Open Source CRM for a one-person business...

Now that I start being self-employed, I have to take care of existing and potential customers, to get them to hire me (by the way, if you're reading this, you could consider it?! :) ).
Apart from the obvious thing that I'll have to convince people that I can help them solve their problems and do their business, that means I must manage contacts and the actions I do with them. CRM.

Sure I have a preference for a java based system, but it's not very clear what one could chose in that area. After some research, my possible candiates are:

More Openoffice macro info...

As said, I worked on a small OOO macro - some more searching resulted in these links, for signiung, and general macro stuff, and doing it in python - have to check them later to get my date macro running!

Openoffice custom functions/macros

So, I "just" wanted to insert a date value into some openoffice spreadsheet, that should be derived from the documents name. I really thought, inserting a value derived from the current document's filename must be very easy.

I do a daily plan for the things I intend to do on a day, and name it "tagesplan_2008-11-22.ods".
And I want the name in this file not always be the date when I open/print the file, but the exact day it was intended for, and this is already coded into the filename.
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