:-[ LOAD TRAY failed with SK=5h/ASC=24h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error

I admit - not exactly a sign of me being too smart when I start a dvd burning process with growisofs without putting a dvd into the drive...

But telling me that I did not, by saying

:-[ LOAD TRAY failed with SK=5h/ASC=24h/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error

is neither smart, nor nice, either...
Luckily, I didn't search for this for a really long time, but I did some googling before looking into the drive again :)

Testing ebox with the prebuilt Ubuntu Server install CD

Ebox looks like a promising infrastructure solution, and I started to evaluate it today.
In the first place, I want to have a database of my systems, and have it generate DNS and DHCP configurations.
I might have been content with just a DNS/DHCP GUI, but on the other hand, the ebox sources look quite nice at a first glance, and I like the additional features it offers, and will probably use more than just the dhcp/dns stuff in the future.


A day starting with loud laughter must be a good day!

So, here's my try to make your day such a good day:

At least for me, it worked!


XenServer - exit full-screen with ctrl-alt

I just had some hard minutes searching for this:
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