Netbeans for grails... haha

As I'm a bit annoyed of the complications that arise when using Eclipse for grails, I installed netbeans today.

But it fails to even let me set the grails home path in it's preferences.
Admittedly, at install time of the plugin, I had set a wrong environment variable to grails, from some time when I was only testing grails and did not yet install it as a deb package.
So after install, I had some path in there, where no grails install was found.

Even AMD can live migrate from Intel now with KVM...

Hmm, I always thought the big guys with the large labs and teams would already know that - but only today reports it as a big breakthrough: Migrating live from intel to AMD CPU's.

Liferay at JAX

Nice - Liferay makes it to be a keynote at the JAX conference...
Sadly, I will not be able to attend - too far, not enough time, and these conferences are interesting, but also not really cheap to get in.
My time is currently better invested in some real programming experience with (liferay) portlets - I'll hopefully get there in a while - as soon as the grails prototype for my timetracker and taskmanager apps are working in a 0.1 fashion :)

google history

Hmm, so - somehow I did already know that nowadays, it could be made a matter of a few clicks to watchs exactly what I've been doing on the web lately...

Still, it's a bit scary to see and think what even more it would do if I's do as they propose and add some more plugins to my browser so they can see even much more than just my searches.
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