not much - some links

Having quite a bit of work with a week of Debian and Linux introduction training which I prepared for my first self-employment customer, I've not too much to say.

I'm currently surfing a bit, looking at these interesting things:


So, even though I thought it will not really work well, I survived my Ubucon talk today :)

Red Hat acquires Qumranet - the KVM developers

Bad News for Xen: Qumranet, Developers of the KVM Kernel Virtual Machine, are being bought by RedHat.

Even though Redhat claims to support the Xen version in RHEL5 until 2014 - it seems obvious that with such a step, they won't be putting too much energy in Xen-based solutions, and have much more trust in the KVM technology.

Presentation tools and formats, google docs and forms

Today, my search for a good presentation toolkit(on the way t prepare my talk about FAI at ubucon) let me stumble around thinks like Pandoc, S5, and
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