null isn't always null...

The difference of printing and object, or printing an object's toString output...

If you have a Todo() class with a toString() method like this:

String toString(){
return description

This code:

class BootStrap {

def init = { servletContext ->
println "bootstrap init start"
def mytask = new Todo(name:"testtask")
assert (mytask != null)
println "mytask is " + mytask
println "bootstrap init end"

Getting into Grails

I started to port my little Todo-Manager application that helped get my things sorted from rails to grails.

As I realized I don't like ruby as much as Java, and Groovy/Grails brings me very similar functionality, I want to base all my small management apps on Grails - when a useable toto manager is done, a timetracker, contacs management and calendar will defintely follow, and hopefully be integrated into a liferay portal at some point in time.

Liferay European Symposium - a great meeting!

I've been participating in the Europen Symposium for the Liferay Portal Server software.
A very nicely developped, feature-rich Java Portlet container.

And, without any doubt, Liferay is not only - at my very first glances, after writing only one very simple hello world portlet - a fine working portal solution, it also has proven, that it has a great community of users and developers.

Nokia N95 - always good for a joke

why does the phone to refuse doing an update of the phone software when there's no sim card in?
What if I have to be reachable and need to use the sim in another phone?

Apart from being totally broken, and not usable anymore, after only 9 months (my usual turnaround time for mobile phones gets near to the two years, if not even longer) - now I can't even delete my private data with a phone software update(I didn't find another way, there's no "delete all user's data" button) without inserting a SIM.

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