Gaaa - HTML 4.01 strict hassles...

So, I made my new site and made a html validity check.

Some minor errors, easily resolved, but then: I'm also not a too great friend of opening links in new windows.
But sometimes, I believe, it can be confusing users, especially less experienced ones, if the click on a link and are thrown out of the page they were just surfing on.
So, it might sometimes be quite reasonable, to open a link in a new window.

With oldstyle HTML, this was easily possible, using the "target" attribute.

My second groovy script

While I'm still hacking around on the first one (besides some other small projects I started with Grails), which is about getting rid of doublettes in my ical calendars I have, I wrote a little script to generate my (haha, currently only single paged) webpage from a contents file and a general template - more or less just for fun, on the other hand, even with a single page it's nice to have the contents, the css and the general page frame differed.

My script looks like this:

import groovy.text.SimpleTemplateEngine

Finally, a decent web design

After fiddling around with CSS tonight - the times when I was more active in web frontend development, this wasn't that current and nicely working - I have done a redesign of my website, for my upcoming self-employment works.
The old knowledge-base wiki just didn't fit anymore - especially for getting customers convinced they can get from me what they expect - high quality and reliable IT solutions in a range of topics like J2EE, virtualization, infrastructure-management (automatic installation, change-management, monitoring).

Hint for cryptsetup and encrypted USB sticks

After a while of wondering, why I couldn't access my encrypted usb stick, I found a simple solution:

modprobe cryptoloop
modprobe dm_crypt

I thought, nowadays, all such things work nearly automatically - even gnome asks me when inserting the stick for the password - but it fails twice - for one thing, it doesn't work unless the packages cryptsetup is installed (UBuntu/Debian) - and I really wonder why it asks me for a passwword if the command it wants to use it with isn't even available - the second are these modules.
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