In a Xen blog entry some days ago I just read about the Open-OVF Format initiative.

Would be cool to also include Virtualbox (or, if Sun would also implement support for such a format in virtualbox), as here it's still a major pain to package and distribute VM's for others - and there, on the desktop market, it is even much more important to make sharing easier than on the server.

PXE boot with KVM

While trying to boot KVM virtual machines via PXE, for testing of FAI on the developer workshop, I had some time to search for a solution to get this working.

It turned out, that the package maintainers remove the PXE boot images intentionally (to get rid of blobs): is advertising GPL software downloads!

Very interesting!

It sounded so interesting, I even clicked on a link on my own website (which google ads actually forbids - but hey, here I continue the ad for free!): is financing google ads, as well as a nicely and professional designed download page

Report from the virtualization workshop at Linuxhotel, Essen/Germany

Last weekend, we had a fantastic virtualization hacking workshop at the Linuxhotel in Essen/Germany.

Here's my report on what I and others did there:

I built a FAI USB Stick for Installation of Debian Etch base systems to test Ganeti installation from Scratch
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