Nice vim and console Tips from Ingo

The VM-Workshop at the Linuxhotel in Essen, Germany is a great success again.

Ssitting together with a bunch of knowledgeable and very nice people, hacking on all kinds of virtualization-realted stuff, there are, as always, some nice side effects in learning fine things.

Ingo Wichmann, the CEO, showed me two of them:

On the console, if you need to correct a previouls entered long command, use:
"fc", to load it into vim edit it to your needs, and run it by closing vim with ":wq"

Coding Horror: Coding without comments


When reading what this guy recommends I could run away - and the earth isn't large enough to get me far enough...

Her recommends coding without any comments, and proposes, in a real strange example - what?
Yeah: Instead of writing a comment above some complex calculation, put the calculation (even though only used ONCE!!!) into a function, and give the function a speaking name - which then acts as a comment!

securing moinmoin against spammers

Wiki's are, sadly, a massive thread to spam these days. Some wiki's include captcha checkers these days, some make Email checks and stuff.

Another idea is having something like social control - let only people write who ask or know somebody who is able to write into the wiki.

Using TRAC for source-Browsing, only

... and disable all other services/modules?

I had to search/fiddle for this some while, but basically it's quite simple:

[components] = disabled = disabled
trac.ticket.web_ui.TicketModule = disabled
trac.ticket.roadmap.RoadmapModule = disabled
trac.ticket.query.QueryModule = disabled

Maybe it might help somebody?!
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