Hint for cryptsetup and encrypted USB sticks

After a while of wondering, why I couldn't access my encrypted usb stick, I found a simple solution:

modprobe cryptoloop
modprobe dm_crypt

I thought, nowadays, all such things work nearly automatically - even gnome asks me when inserting the stick for the password - but it fails twice - for one thing, it doesn't work unless the packages cryptsetup is installed (UBuntu/Debian) - and I really wonder why it asks me for a passwword if the command it wants to use it with isn't even available - the second are these modules.

Berlin und LPI Vortrag im Newthinking Store

Da ich nun ja jeden Tag in Berlin bin, um in einem spannenden CMS-Migrations-Projekt mit Teamsite zu arbeiten, bietet es sich an, die Stadt auch mal ein bisschen anzuschauen. Dazu hat Sven Guckes mir vorgestern eine gute Gelegenheit gegeben.

Geplant war ein Vortrag über LPI Zertifizierungen von Klaus Behrla im Newthinking store.

FOSDEM talk about virtualization in Debian

So, my proposal for a talk about virtualization in Debian has been accepted, and I will be giving an update about the state of the different technologies (at least, the most important, coolest, and newest ones) in Debian - this will happen in the Debian DevRoom.

Debian Packages that Need Lovin'

I like this idea, announced here and on the debian-devel-announce Mailing list.
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